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How Our Company Culture Supports Your Health

Minimize Pain & Maximize Life -- How Our Company Culture Supports Your Health

When it comes to the modern healthcare system, do you feel like you’re really being heard?

Or, do your appointments feel more like a sprint to the finish line where your doctor–who can’t even pry his eyes away from the computer screen–simply prescribes the latest narcotic or suggests a one-size-fits-all treatment?

If you agreed with the latter, then it’s time for a second opinion.

At Gateway Spine & Pain Physicians, we believe it’s not about us or how many patients we can fit in before lunch–it’s about you.

Our company culture revolves around making you feel comfortable, heard, and confident in our custom treatment plans that minimize pain so you can maximize life.

Curious how we make this work?

How Our Company Culture Supports Your Health

We Are Dedicated to the Treatment of Pain.

For over a decade, we do one thing and one thing only–treat pain.

Our facilities are dedicated to pain treatment and our physicians have undergone specialized training in the field of Pain Medicine with an additional five years of internship, residency, and accredited fellowship training.

Believe in a Team Approach to Pain.

Successful pain practices understand the complexity of treating pain. Being in chronic pain can negatively impact the health of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and the brain. At Gateway, we have worked hard to create a close network of reputable, ethical, and caring medical specialists. We understand that there is no one treatment that works for everyone. We also understand that we do not always have the tools to treat every situation. Our network of providers allows us to find solutions for the most complex cases of chronic pain.

We Do the Right Thing

Since 2007, we’ve established a reputation for doing what’s right for our patients–not what pays.

We believe that everyone’s problem is unique and deserves a thorough analysis and tailor-made treatment plan. This doesn’t just give our patients more confidence, it also leads to better results.

We Keep Our Finger on the Pulse of Our Industry

Because we are so specialized, we are able to keep up-to-date on the latest cutting edge treatments and technologies for identifying and targeting pain.

Our treatments include minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, counseling, holistic/integrative medicine, and more advanced surgical techniques. With the opening of our regenerative medicine clinic, Gateway continues to be a leader in using advanced treatments for pain.

With the spreading epidemic of pain medication addiction and abuse, we seek to minimize and even eliminate the use of potentially habit-forming medications wherever possible.

So, are you ready to experience the true meaning of specialized pain treatment?

For additional information regarding Gateway Spine and Pain Physicians, please visit us or call (630) 226-1130.