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Office Policies

Our goal is to provide you with courteous and timely service. This requires all patients to make an effort to arrive on time and to let us know when appointments cannot be kept. 

Missed Appointment Policy

Please be aware that by scheduling an initial consultation with our physicians, you are agreeing to abide by the billing policies of our service. To better serve all our patients, we require 24 hour notification should you need to cancel or reschedule any appointment.

Should you miss, or reschedule your appointment for a visit with less than 24 hour notice, you will be charged $50.00 for a clinic visit and $100.00 for a new patient visit, and $150.00 for a procedure visit. Payment will be required prior to your next appointment. Your insurance company will not cover fees for missed appointment.

Late Arrival Policy

The appointment time you are given is when you are expected to be in the exam room or operating room. We require that new patients come in 30 minutes early, and established patients 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. Patients coming for a procedure must arrive 30 minutes early if they require sedation, and 15 minutes if they do not.

It is the policy of Gateway Spine & Pain Physicians that Patients are to arrive on time. Patients who arrive late for visits or procedures cannot expect or demand to be seen. Other patients who arrive on time expect to be seen at their allotted appointment time. One late patient may make the schedule run late for the rest of the day. This is not considerate to other patients who arrive on time.

There are many things that can occur to make a patient late; i.e., Car trouble, traffic, parking, etc… We understand that this can happen, but need you to understand we cannot change the schedule for the rest of the day to accommodate any of these reasons.

If you arrive late for any reason, please check in at the front desk. The staff will check the schedule for the rest of the day and if possible, offer you another available time the same day. If an appointment is not available that day, an appointment on a different day will be offered to you. Please remind the staff if your medication will run out prior to this new appointment date.

There may be times when we run late. This is due to some unforeseen patient clinical need that we must accommodate. We respect our patient’s time and will do all that we can to be on schedule.