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Neck Pain in Chicago, IL

Suffering From Neck Pain in Chicago?

Chronic neck pain can significantly impact your quality of life. From limiting your range of motion to harming your ability to sleep, when things go wrong with the neck, things go wrong in general. The Gateway team understands how to treat neck muscle and nerve pain, finding the underlying cause and addressing it whenever possible and offering ongoing pain management when it is not.

If you have severe neck pain, don’t wait to seek out treatment. Visit our pain management clinic in Chicago, IL as soon as you experience a clear neck injury or when you notice that what you thought was just a crick in your neck isn’t letting up. No one should live with neck pain, and early intervention can prevent it from becoming a life-long condition.

A Guy Suffering From Neck Pain in Chicago, IL

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain, like back pain, has numerous causes. In fact, there are so many potential sources of neck nerve and muscle pain that most patients don’t have a clue how their condition began. Our neck pain treatment in Chicago can address all the common causes, including:

Young Women Having Neck Muscle Pain in Chicago

Whether you are dealing with a bit of simple neck strain or significant neck pain on the right or left side, we are ready to find the cause and help you live a pain-free life. Contact us today about neck muscle pain in Chicago so we can schedule your initial consultation.

Why Consider Gateway Spine & Pain Physicians
For Your Neck Pain?

Not all pain clinics are the same. There are many that only seek to mask pain rather than offer holistic neck strain treatment. Our lower and upper neck pain specialists are committed to offering truly effective treatment that doesn’t just dull the pain but resolves it as much as possible, starting with conservative treatments and progressing until we find the optimal solution for you.

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FAQs About Neck Pain in Chicago, IL

There are no explicit red flags. As with most forms of pain, when it is severe or reduces your mobility, you should seek immediate treatment. However, even mild neck pain can be a sign of a larger problem. It is always a good idea to investigate.

This depends on the location and type of the pain. In general, you should keep your spine level, so back and side sleeping positions are best, but be sure to use the right pillows.

Whenever it lasts more than two weeks or is severe in nature. This is true for all types of pain, not just neck pain. If you have been living with even mild discomfort for a while, investigate the source.

It can, depending on the source of the pain. For example, compressed nerves in the neck can cause all sorts of symptoms, including dizziness.



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