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Patient Testimonials

I had pain in my lower back and my neck which was radiating to my left arm for a while. I was trying to ignore it until it bothered my daily living. My husband suffered sciatica pain for years. After he saw physical therapy and slept on the floor for a while, he decided to visit Dr.Hong for epidural injection, referred by our primary care physician. My husband had 3 shots producing good results, getting rid of floor bed and acting like normal person again. That was why I decided to see Dr. Hong when for the first time I was looking for the treatment to my spine problem. I’m very satisfied with everything from A to Z. People including secretary, nursing aids, nurses, radiation tech, of course Dr. Hong, everybody was nice, professional and effective. So far I had one epidural shot on my neck and 4 shots on my lower back. The shots were clean with minimal pain. One week later, I feel 90-95 % pain relief. I will go to a physical therapy program as Dr. Hong recommended. My husband trusts him, so do I. Whatever Dr. Hong says, we follow, because we believe he is knowledgeable with good skill, caring about patients, and considering patients’ best interests. We definitely recommend him to anyone we know.

Jing W.

Thank you for relieving my pain and taking good care of me. With thanks and prayers.

Nancy E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hong for treatment of spine pain and spasms. He did epidural injections in the spine area and I have had 80% relief! I am always treated with great respect and compassion at this pain center!

Marlene S.

“Straight to the point and takes care of you in the way one should be by a Dr, thank you. Fast, professional, courteous experience with Dr Andrew Kalin.” –A&L Construction

For 10 years, I have suffered from total body Complex Regional Pain Syndrome with Central Sensitization. During these years, I was treated by many pain doctors but none have stood out like Dr. John Hong.Dr. Hong really listens to all my health issues, taking all into consideration before treating me. He is not afraid to refer me to teaching hospitals or professional specialization clinics where I may benefit from progressive treatments. He is always one step ahead in his field, aware of all new treatments, techniques and methods used for treating the most intense, disabling pain. Dr. Hong is compassionate, dedicated, and one of the most impressive doctors who has treated me. I would gladly recommend him to any pain patient.

Michael B.

I have had a very positive outcome with my Pain Management Plan. For the first time in years, I can enjoy my life and do activities that I was unable to do before. I had two back surgeries in just under one year and was left in pain and very scared about my future. My surgeon was not concerned about aftercare and my pain levels. I had been going to a clinic and did not want to change my medications, but after going to Dr. Hong, the difference is phenomenal. My pain is now very controllable and the medications are very effective. I have also received steroid injections, and my experience was very effective and pleasant. I have had the injections previously, at a different facility, and had no positive results and a painful experience.

If you are serious about your condition, and seeking qualified care, please contact Dr. Hong’s office.

Stephanie Z.

“Incredible doctor … caring, compassionate, and a great listener. I would certainly recommend him to anyone experiencing chronic pain. He’s a great physician!” –Todd J

For the first time in many years I am pain-free in my lower spine, thanks to Dr. Hong’s skill and knowledge. He is very conscientious and caring.

Sherrie B.


I had the privilege of both working for and being treated by Dr. Hong. You know you have a good boss if you trust him to put needles in your neck 🙂

Dr. Hong is one of the best physicians I have ever known or worked for. He is highly intelligent yet completely down-to-earth and personable. He truly cares for his patients and is always looking out for their best interests and to provide the best care possible. As his nurse for over a year, I can attest to this personally. He is honest, ethical, and extremely compassionate. It was a joy to work for and with him. Procedurally, he is gentle and precise. I am historically terrified of needles (Who isn’t?), but receiving injections was a breeze. I couldn’t believe how little pain I experienced (just the Lidocaine which burns like a mother for about 3 seconds).

His office manager Terri is wonderful. She is friendly, kind, and extremely efficient. She will go above and beyond to ensure that the patients are getting what they need. She is fantastic.

All of the office staff is hard-working, fun, and they all like each other 🙂 It is truly a great environment, both for patients and employees.

Over all, one of the best practices — pain or otherwise — I have ever had the privilege to work for.

I’d send my entire family to Dr. Hong in a heartbeat. I’d give him 10 stars if I could.

Sandra G.

Dr. Hong and his staff have done what no other physician was able to do. Dr. Hong is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. I wasn’t working for years before I saw Dr. Hong. I am now back to working in my profession, and I am pain free 99% of the time. Even when I have pain I am able to manage it. One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Hong and his staff is that they are so kind, and Dr. Hong believed me when I said I had radiating pain down both legs and burning in my feet. He recommended a neurostimulator and I got my life back. Thank you, and I recommend Dr. Hong and his staff to anyone who has chronic pain.

Heather S.

Dr. Hong was wonderful. He understood the pain I was in and was compassionate enough to get me in to his office to alleviate the pain I was having due to complications with a spinal tap I had days before visiting him. Thank You Dr. Hong.

Kay G.

I came to Dr. Hong with significant lower back pain which prevented me from movement (without pain). Dr. Hong recommended the radiofrequency ablation. The results were much better than I ever expected. After treatment, pain was virtually eliminated! After one year, I did not hesitate to return for the same procedure. Again, results were amazing. Dr. Hong seems to understand the nature of pain and how to eliminate/reduce it. I am a definite fan of his!

Kristen P.

I have had pain in my neck radiating to my right arm for a long time. I was always “too busy” to go get checked and thought there wasn’t much to do anyways. I went to see Dr. Hong after I had a MRI and could not get any relief or even any sleep. From the moment I came in, the staff was welcoming and friendly. Dr. Hong listened to me for as long as I wanted to talk (and I said a lot!). He was very professional but very “human”. He explained everything so I could understand. I felt he truly wanted me better. I received an epidural injection (which was explained from beginning to end) and have felt more relief than I would have thought possible! His staff even called me the next day to see how I was. Dr. Hong and staff are wonderful at what they do and I would recommend to anyone!

Pam O.

Dr. Hong’s office is wonderful! While we are still working on my pain, every time I see him he explains everything to me so I can understand him. He is willing to listen to all of my concerns and answer each question I have. I never have to wait to be seen (I think the longest I have waited to be put in a room is 5 minutes). His office is clean and the staff is great. Thank you Dr. Hong and staff for helping me with my pain!

Lisa B.

I herniated a disc in my lower back. I didn’t really think it was that bad until I woke up the next morning and found I couldn’t walk or stand for any length of time. I ended up going to my Dr. who in turn referred me to Dr. Hong. Dr. Hong suggested doing an injection procedure which he told me was a relatively new procedure. If that didn’t work, I would need surgery which we both agreed we wanted to avoid. Fortunately the injection procedure worked and two days later I was able to walk and stand with virtually no pain. I was back to work in one month which I never thought would happen that quickly especially having a physical job requiring some lifting. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hong and his staff. Dr. Hong explained everything to me about the procedure and what to expect. He answered all of my questions that I had and was patient with me as I had quite a few questions. The two nurses, Heather and Crystal were very pleasant and helpful and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Overall Dr. Hong and his staff are very professional including the receptionists up front. It was a very pleasant experience and the results were much more than I expected. I really thought going in that I would need surgery, but fortunately the injection procedure worked. I am very thankful to Dr. Hong and his staff and would recommend him highly to anyone who is having back pain.

Terri T.

I was very pleased with the attention I was given by Dr. Hong and his staff. My condition was corrected. Dr. Hong is a very fine gentleman and I would highly recommend.

Don I.

“Dr Kalin is an awesome physician. He takes the time to really listen to you, and does not make you feel like you’re just a “drug seeker” of faking your problems. I have had a serious physical illness for the past 15 years, and have seen more physicians than I can remember, but the good ones always stick in my brain. Trust me, he’s one of the good ones.” –Chris T

I am quite content with Dr. Hong and his staff. My pain management is taken care of in a fast and prompt manner. Dr. Hong is a very nice physician. If I have any questions he is always there to answer any and all problems that may arise. The staff is always there to help you with any questions I may need.


In December of 2008 a series of x-rays revealed scoliosis along with degeneration of L3 and L4. My family doctor suggested a consult with a surgeon; at this time I learned the recovery from surgery would be difficult and long. Then, the passage (gateway) to wellness began anew as I was introduced to John Hong M.D.  My pain was limiting my ability as a night nurse as well as my tolerance at home for routine family responsibilities. A skilled, attentive listener, Dr. Hong is humble, experienced, and down to earth in confidently selecting a mode of individualized treatment. Moreover, he answered questions for both me and my spouse in a heartfelt matter. A series of steroid injections immensely alleviated my pain and once again I was in control of my destiny. Thank you Dr. Hong; may your career continue to be blessed with success and healing.

Virginia S.

“Dr. Kalin is very invested in my well-being and listens to me about my specific needs. Very nice Doctor. I’m glad I found him.” –Debra H

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Hong for taking care of me during and after my hospital stay. I arrived at the hospital in the greatest pain of my life. It wasn’t until after I was put under Dr. Hong’s care that I started to feel relief. Dr. Hong diagnosed and treated my pain effectively and more importantly quickly. Dr. Hong and his staff have been professional, yet compassionate during my treatment. Thanks to Gateway Spine and Pain Physicians I feel like myself again.

Rita S.

Dr. Hong performance was very professional. He helped me get rid of the pain of sciatic nerve damage. I would recommend his practice to friends and family. Dr. Hong is a very good doctor and he’s also concerned with his patients.

Laura R.

“This guy was perfect. He obviously read my file before he saw me and was very thorough with his recommendations and general observations. Very rare when both your main doctor and his associate are that dedicated. This is a 1st class organization!” –Victor A

To whom it may concern,

Dr. John Hong is on of the best young doctors I have had. It’s been pleasure knowing him I was very sick when I first came here but with Dr. Hong sitting down and explaining everything to me made me feel I was going to get better. Dr. Hong is very kind and understanding doctor that has helped me.

To whom it may concern,

Dr. John Hong is on of the best young doctors I have had. It’s been pleasure knowing him I was very sick when I first came here but with Dr. Hong sitting down and explaining everything to me made me feel I was going to get better. Dr. Hong is very kind and understanding doctor that has helped me.

Mary H.

Before seeking treatment from Dr. Hong my intense lower back pain had severely limited my life. I could not do much of what I loved walking, traveling, hiking on many days, even the simplest tasks were a struggle. Dr. Hong has changed all of that. First with injections, and more recently with radio frequency ablation, his treatment has drastically reduced and for periods entirely eliminated the pain from which I once feared I would always suffer I cannot say enough about Dr. Hong quite simply, he gave me life back.

Jennifer V.

“Dr. Kalin was very thorough with making sure I was taken care of. Explaining what my assessment of plan is next. Great staff. Thank you.” –Timothy L

When I first came in to see Dr. Hong I had so much pain and could barely stand up or walk correctly. Dr. Hong helped me so much, he is kind man and I thank him for giving me back my life in a sense words really cannot express the way I feel. I would recommend Dr. Hong to anyone that has pain like I did. Thank you so much Dr. Hong.

Patricia S.

I was diagnosed with neuralgia which was very painful. The whole left side of my face was nothing but pain. I had the pain for almost two months. My doctor recommended that I go to Dr. Hong. After taking pain killers for two weeks, Dr. Hong suggested a procedure he was thought would help me. I had the procedure done in his office and within two days the pain started to subside. I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Hong. He gave me my life back and I can now do things I could not do for over two months. I will recommend Dr. Hong and his staff to all my family, friends, and neighbors.

Charlene K.

“I have had several spinal injections for neck and lower back pain. All of the procedures he has done were completed professionally with excellent results. I appreciate his care and concern for me as his patient. I will continue seeing Dr. Kalin for all my pain management needs.” –Jim

It’s difficult to explain pain that you don’t feel, but hurts so much that all you want to do is hide. In January of 2009 I had my knees replaced and a nerve in my right leg was damaged, I had lots of pain with no feeling in the leg. I had tried several other methods of pain relief and ended up with a deep vein thrombosis in the leg that was treated. After asking my primary physician what I should do, he suggested that I change doctors, I did as advised and went through the series of injections and they did not work. It was then that the stimulator was suggested. I did the trial and knew this was for me. I still have some numbness in my foot, but feel like a new person. I’m grateful for the help I received and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Kathleen W.

I have been a patient of Dr John K Hong’s since May, 2013, after my physical therapist suggested I see Dr Hong for thoracic and leg pain during the past 8 years. I began treatment with nerve blocks but with limited success. It was at this time that Dr Hong and I explored the possibility of having a neuro-stimulator device implanted in my back. This device would hopefully address the pain I was experiencing in my chest and lower right leg. After a trial with the device for several days Dr Hong and I evaluated its successes vs shortcomings and I decided to have the implant surgery. The device is made by Medtronic and their support, before and after the implant surgery, by their staff has been excellent. I asked Dr Hong many questions and was always given an immediate answer. Medtronic does provide, for patient using their devices, a responsive national ground support staff and a 800 Patient Services Number (during CST business hours). I had the implant operation in late November, and the improvement in my pain level at two addressed areas has been remarkable. Now, I am able to walk further than the length of one block for the first time since mid-2006. Just recently able to work in my yard, inclusive of moving the lawn, transplanting perennials and caring for several flower beds. Yes, I still have some pain, but it has been reduced dramatically. Before I would just sit in my recliner trying not to move as any twist or movement would cause a pretty good shot of pain.

I am most grateful to Dr Hong for improving my quality of life. Also thankful to him, his entire staff, and Medtronic for all they have done for me.

Peter G.

“It’s amazing to have a doctor who actually cares about my well-being and cares about my opinions while looking out for my best interest. I just wish I would of started seeing him sooner!!!” –Anonymous

I have spent the last 20 years of my life looking for answers to my chronic lower back pain. My back pain was controlling my life. It limited my ability at work, sleep, play with my kids etc. Before meeting Dr. Hong I had been treated by many different physicians, their answers were mostly the same, more medication, surgery or physical therapy.

I met Dr. Hong just over a year ago. I had just assumed I was going to live the rest of my life with this pain. But today, thanks to Dr. Hong, I no longer think about my pain all day long and it no longer controls my daily life. Dr. Hong introduced many new innovative technologies and medications that I had never heard of or tried before. He took the time to try different things to see what would work for my individual needs. He spent the last year finding the right mix of technology and medications that fit for my pain situation.

Dr. Hong, Sarah and the rest of the staff at Gateway Spine and Pain are fantastic and really care about their patients and have dramatically improved my back pain.

My family and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for improving our lives.

Mary O.

“He is so professional. He’s reassuring and calms your nerves before any procedure. He comes to Check up on you after the sedation has worn off. I feel so safe under his care.” –Malhotra D

“I have been thrilled to be under the care of such a thoughtful, kind, gentle MD. From the first call to get an appointment through my last visit I have nothing but praise.” –Anonymous

“He is prompt and courteous and never makes me feel rushed. The office staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The multiple locations means having to see him in an “emergency” basis is not difficult. Having to contact him has never been difficult. I have been sick for a long time and seen a LOT of doctors. Dr Kalin is one of the good ones. Highly recommend both him personally and his practice.” –Christopher T

“I was the very first customer when this office opened. Because of them I can LIVE my life. Not just exist. They are the best. Kind, compassionate, and helpful.” –Pam S